06.11.12 | New Album on its way + 2 new singles

We’re pretty slow to update here, apologies if any of this news hits you late. Our final album, There’s Always One More Son of a Bitch, is set to release this Friday, June 15th. It has a lot of what you’ve come to expect from us, as well as a lot of what you haven’t heard before. We’re not the best salesmen in this department obviously. We can say that this album took a lot out of us and delivered the most in return. To date it is our most personal effort, coherently mixing a lot of our influences and ideas into a brew potent enough to get our ears drunk, which we’re happy to report is good news as far as we’re concerned. There are also two singles pulled from the disc with exclusive remixes from some of our favorite acts today. Here’s the skinny:

Keep the Devil Off Your Back

  1. Keep the Devil Off Your Back
  2. Keep the Devil Off Your Back - (The Devil Made Me Do It) Remix by Kevorkian Death Cycle
  3. Keep the Devil Off Your Back - Remix by Pull Out Kings
  4. I Am Drugs (Sky High) - Remix by Surgyn
  5. I Am Drugs - Remix by Fractured Transmission

Available where you grab your digital tunes, but if you want our pick that would be right HERE.

Bury It

  1. Bury It
  2. Bury It (Massacre Mix) - Remix by [A]Brilliant Massacr[E]
  3. Bury It - Remix by Mangadrive
  4. Bury It - Remix by iVardensphere
  5. Boozetooth - Remix by Memmaker

Grab it up HERE if you’re interested.

There’s Always One More Son of a Bitch

Pre-order HERE. Everywhere else on the 15th.

  1. Brute
  2. Bury It
  3. Keep the Devil Off Your Back
  4. Kill the Noise
  5. Off
  6. Doom Patrol
  7. Shit-Disco Stunner
  8. Crackshack
  9. The Jazz-Matazz Before the Last Breath
  10. I Am Drugs

Cheers! ADR-

01.05.12 | The Gang has disbanded.

A lot of people have been asking us what happened and what is behind our disbanding. There have been some amazing speculations but we’re afraid the truth is a bit boring. To sum it up quickly ADR ceased being fun for us. Over the past six years the three of us (Mike Jenney, Jacob Rouse and Mike Treveloni) had been getting together upwards of 4-5 days a week to write or practice, usually anywhere from 5-8 hours at a time and this was usually after getting off work. It was our second job and we took it pretty seriously.

We used to all look forward to getting together and seeing what we’d come up with. We are all friends, so it was a great time just hanging out and working on music.

When we set down to write our fourth album we really wanted to explore what we could do creatively. This process wound up taking over three years. We had a self imposed deadline of finishing it around early 2010. Obviously that didn’t happen. What happened was we wrote about three and a half albums and stressed ourselves to the point of not enjoying the music and being around each other.

A few days back we brought up the question if this was even worth continuing if none of us were enjoying it. In the end we value our friendship higher and wished to continue writing with one another. We’re not ones to say we’ll never do something again, but at this time and place ADR was just a hulking drunk monkey on our backs that we wished dead.

Before any announcement was made we conferred with Negative Gain over our decision. We owed it to them before any news came out as they have been and continue to be a very fine label as well as personal friends of ours. We figured they would not wish to put the second album out due to our lack of commitment, but to our surprise and honor they felt strongly enough about the album to continue with its release.

So as it stands Alter der Ruine is being put to rest. The last album will still be released and in our minds it is the best music we’ve written to date. It’s one hell of a high note to ride out on if we say so ourselves. Also we’ll be a looming ghost in the remix sense, popping up now and again to haunt your ears and let you know all is not lost.

What’s in store for the future is unclear. We’ve been working on material on a different end of the spectrum and it’ll surface sooner or later.

Lastly we can’t say thank you enough to all those who have supported and continue to support us. We’ve made a lot of friends around the world and can’t stress enough how much all of you, fans and friends alike mean to us. We hope to see you here or there and keep in touch as things move along. The memories and bonds you’ve helped us forge are something we’ll never let fade away. Thanks for being there. Thanks for one hell of a good time.

Mike, Jacob, Mike and Robert. January 5, 2012

01.04.12 |

11.11.11 | Son of a Bitch is OUT!

It’s taken us three years but the first of two new albums is finally available.

Grab it here!

You can grab it at the usual digital outlets. A limited run physical version will be available in a while as well, more on that when the time comes. We’re very pleased to have this out and ready for our listeners jump aboard this quiver-cruise. This is one can of delicious worms that has now been opened.

10.02.11 | New Album Promo!

The new album will be out on 11/11/11. It is called “Son of a Bitch” and will be the first of two new albums coming out in the next few months on Negative Gain.