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New and Upcoming Industrial Bands

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New and Upcoming Industrial Bands

Industrial music has re-emerged and taken the music industry with a big bang. Talking about industrial music becomes a touchy subject but there is something of a revival that is going on. These new bands are drawing considerable influence from the ancient alternative electronic sounds. Industrial music is also a broad term, but in short one might imagine of a typical sound attached to it. Below are some notable upcoming industrial bands.

The Defiled Band



Defiled is a band that has bravely taken the industrial metal genre back to its roots. The band is known for a metal genre that is cool to listen to and easy to sing with an audience.

Death Grips Band

‘Grips’ is a more exciting band to emerge also because it uses a crazy good electro-hip-hop style in their songs. The sound that comes out of the band is said to be noisier than anything. The good thing is; the noise is very addictive, holds you close, and strangles you in the most comfortable way. Therefore, means that industrial music has an influence on their sound. It has an added raw energy and a vibe that goes along with it.

The GHXST Band (Black Camaro)

It is a band that is based in New York. When the band performs it displays its heartfelt attitude and imagery perfectly.

Blues Stahli Band

It is a high school project and in 2006, they managed to release their album named Darkeworld that featured a collection of songs. The group leader, Bret Autrey, had musical talents that were self-taught. The band later signed with FiXT Music and released their hit single “Kill Me Every Time”. They have continuously grown up the ladder to a well-known band.

Scum of the Earth Band



It is an industrial heavy metal band formed in the year 2003. So far, it has managed to release three albums and eight singles. Its current members include Riggs, who deals with the vocals and is also the guitarist, Eddie Travis, deals with drums and percussion instruments, Nick Mason playing the bass guitar among others.

Murderdolls band

It’s an American band founded in 2002 in Hollywood, California. Core members of the group included Joey Jordison and Wednesday 13 with other six members. The band was nicknamed the horror punk super group. It has released two albums so far, Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls (2002), and Women and Children Last (2010).

Static-X Band

It was an American Band formed in 1994. Its lineup fluctuated over the years, but its founder, frontman, guitarist, and vocalist always remained constant. Because of these factors, it rose to fame in 1999 with an album “Wisconsin Death Trip”. The band collapsed in 2009. But that was not the end because Static reformed the new Static-X band in 2012.

Industrial music uses different genres. Its music can be rock made from bass, guitars and drums, in most cases; the keyboard is used to make this music because it has a variety of music instruments in it. The keyboard can also be mixed with experimental noise machines, and electronic, mechanical drum beats to produce cerebral and malevolent sound beats. This new generation of industrial band music has taken the music to a new level.


The Best of Nine Inch Nails

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The Best of Nine Inch Nails

This article is about some of the best songs by Nine Inch Nails and what each of them could mean. Many songs will be ones that were popular back in the 90’s, when they had deeper lyrics that really make you think about what Trent Reznor must have been going through when he wrote most of them. Here are six songs that have been chosen as they have the deepest meaning of them all.

 The first one is the song The Perfect Drug, and it is believed that this song is about someone trapped in an addictive relationship where he cannot break free, yet he doesn’t want to, because he is addicted to the one that he loves. It’s very intriguing because it really expresses just how toxic some relationships can be.

The next song is Hurt, which was a cover done by Johnny Cash, and it explains extreme drug addiction, and losing everyone in his life because of it. Feeling like there is no escape and not knowing where to turn because he feels like there’s no one left in his life to care, and he longs to go back to the days before this downward spiral, which ironically is the name of the album this track is on.


 Closer is a very descriptive, sexual song describing his burning passion for the one he desires, offering her everything that he can give, even if it isn’t much. Almost as though it is a deep obsession with the person based on the lyrics themselves.

 Something I Can Never Have seems to be about complete and utter heartbreak from losing the one that he loves, but furthermore, losing himself in the process. Missing who he was when he was with her, and how she made him feel, knowing that things will never be the same again. It’s a song most people in the world can relate to.

 Mr. Self Destruct seems to be about mental illness and how it can completely control a person, regardless of what they do in their day to day lives, not being able to escape the voice in their head. Resorting to this feeling of being high to try and shut them up, but not being able to handle it and thus, ending up in a worse situation than originally planned. Like anxiety, just when you think you’ve finally escaped it, even for a while, it always finds a way of coming back.


Finally, the song The Wretched seems to be about living a life of lies, not achieving anything with it and it eating up the person deep inside. Believing in God or religion just to have it disappoint them time and time again, being held down or held back from living ones true potential. Even when doing everything right, knowing it still may never make a difference in the end.

 Nine Inch Nails are one of the best industrial bands out there because they take their lyrics and meaning to a level that not many bands have been able to go to. Reznor’s dark, deep, and absolutely fantastic. There are a lot of hidden meanings behind their songs, but these are personally the stories behind them I believe to be true. Trent Reznor is a lyrical and musical genius far ahead of his time.


The 20 Best Industrial Bands

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The 20 Best Industrial Bands


Industrial music is defined as a genre which experiments with provocative and transgressive themes. The term “Industrial” was first applied in the mid-1970s when Genesis P-Orridge of the band Throbbing Gristle and Monte Cazazza founded Industrial Records, and The Second Annual Report, Throbbing Gristle’s debut album, was described as “industrial music for industrial people”.

Several industrial artists cropped up producing music comprised of controversial topics set to what was often likened to harsh noise rather than actual melodic music. Regardless, the industrial movement grew and flourished, and today is among the most popular genres. Many industrial bands continue to spring up all over the world. Here are the 20 best of that vast crop, in no particular order:



  1. NINE INCH NAILS- NIN has been called the most talented Industrial band to ever come from the genre. Their influence has reached across several musical genres as has their album sales, from underground to mainstream.
  1. RAMMSTEIN- One of the few bands of ANY genre that can boast the same lineup since it’s creation. One of the most successful industrial bands ever.
  1. KMFDM- This band has established their spot at the top of the Industrial realm. They have been credited with being the Industrial band with more variety and creativeness than any other, and they continue to grow in popularity.
  1. MINISTRY- Ministry is an Industrial band with a history that, while not stable as far as retaining members goes, has indeed proven to be successful and progressive.
  1. SKINNY PUPPY- One of the original and most controversial, “in-your-face” Industrial acts, Skinny Puppy will seemingly disappear for a bit and them come back with more shocking lyrics and visuals than ever.
  1. MUSHROOMHEAD- One of the more understated Industrial bands, Mushroomhead employs onstage visuals that enhance their music and create a show that is unmatched among Industrial artists.
  1. MARILYN MANSON- While not considered “exclusively” Industrial, there is no denying that Marilyn Manson’s roots are firmly grounded in the Industrial genre.
  1. COMBICHRIST- Combichrist is an Industrial band known for their high-energy intensity and wildly diverse creativity. Never a dull moment from this band.

  1. POWERMAN 5000- This band is known for their sci-fi themes in both lyrics and stage presentation. Always something riveting and new.
  1. VELVET ACID CHRIST- Dark, electronic Industrial at it’s best. This band draws the listener in and makes them a part of the music.
  1. FEAR FACTORY- Creative, unique among Industrial acts. They employ more of a storytelling method into their lyrics than most Industrial bands.
  1. CABARET VOLTAIRE- Cabaret Voltaire have been referred to as the most progressive of Industrial bands. They take the “expected” sound, crush it, rework it and make it their own.
  1. GRENDEL- This band prefers to keep much about themselves shrouded in mystery and let their dark, melodic electronica-Industrial sound speak for them.
  1. WHITE ZOMBIE- Surprisingly not well-known as an Industrial band although they are definitely part of the genre, White Zombie has an Industrial sound that is more catchy than many and has your attention before you realize it.
  1. CHEMLAB- Chemlab styles their sound after older Industrial bands such as Rammstein while adding their own modern edge.
  1. PRONG- Prong is an Industrial band who has had the distinction of a great deal of mainstream exposure, particularly within the heavy metal community. Their sound blends Progressive Industrial and Rock.

  1. GRAVITY KILLS- Described as “eerie Industrial” infused with headbanging metal with a melodic, almost pop-infused sound, this band continues to grow in popularity.
  1. DEPECHE MODE- One of the innovators of the Industrial-techno sound, Depeche Mode’s melodies blend perfectly with their music for a unique listening experience.
  1. MY LIFE WITH THRILL KILL KULT- This band relies heavily on sampling and keyboard to create their sound and stage show. They are immensely popular and their sound is considered unique among Industrial artists.
  1. GARY NUMAN- Gary Numan is an Industrial solo artist who crossed over to mainstream pop while maintaining his Industrial roots. In the 80s he exposed a new generation to the Industrial sound.

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As with any form of music, it’s future success is not determined by it’s past, no matter how successful it has been. Without dedicated, talented bands to keep the momentum going, a genre can die as quick a death as was it’s birth. Industrial fans can rest easy, because with the influx of Industrial bands from every corner of the world, this musical style isn’t going anywhere any time soon.