The Ruine Process (2006)

1. … A Touch
2. Martyr
3. Hep C
4. Pain Killer
5. A New Wave Of Terror
6. When Machines Cry
7. Achtung! Bitches
8. Shallow Grave
9. Ungodly
10. Hide and Seek
11. Betrayal

State of Ruin (2007)

1. Elevator Noise
2. It’s Going To Be A Long Winter
3. K.I.A.
4. Vag. 2021
5. Tactical Diplomat
6. Coppin’ It Sweet
7. Duck And Cover
8. A Nation Of Phat Beatz
9. State Of Ruin
10. Morning Sobriety
11. State Of Ruin (Assemblage 23 Mix)

Giants From Far Away (2008)

1. A Plea for the Dawn / Cries for the Giants From Far Away
2. Demon Missile
3. Loserstreet
4. Perfect Date
5. Dark Cheats
6. Relax and Ride It
7. Fat Pony
8. Batsmasher
9. Stuffin’ the Jellyroll Muffin
10. Sexbomb
11. Get Off of My Gems (Mother Money)

State of Ruin Limited Edition Remix CD (2007)

1. Coppin’ It Sweet (Noisuf-X Remix)
2. State Of Ruin (Renegade Of Noise Floor Remix By Haujobb)
3. Duck And Cover (Endif Remix)
4. Morning Sobriety (Can’t Polish A Turd Remix By One Level Down)
5. State Of Ruin (You And What Army Remix By Caustic)
6. Coppin’ It Sweet (Receiver Remix)
7. State Of Ruin (Phantom West Remix)
8. Duck And Cover (Chamber Of Terror Remix By To Mega Therion)
9. State Of Ruin (Helltrash Remix)
10. Morning Sobriety (What Might Have Been Remix By Embodi)
11. State Of Ruin (That Violent Silence Remix)

Something Old EP (2007)

1. Undead
2. Envy
3. Stomp Ninja
4. Processed Burn

Something New EP (2007)

1. Wowld War III
2. Baby Makin’ Music
3. Dawn Bringer (Old School Version)
4. Envy (Remix)


Das Bunker - Fear of A Distorted Planet

Bunker 54

Materia Fria

Songs in the Key of Death: A Deathkey Compilation

Endzeit Bunkertracks: Act III

Das Bunker - Brighter Than A Thousand Suns

Endzeit Bunkertracks: Act IV


The Gothsicles - Nine Dudes Freaking Out (Nine Dudes Making Out Remixed by Alter der Ruine)

C/A/T - Denied (Ghost of Disco Past mix by Alter Der Ruine)

Nachtmahr - Schwarzflug (Alter Der Ruine Remix)

Cervello Elettronico - Asphyxiate (Alter Der Ruine Remix)

Autoclav1.1 - Nothing But Pillow Teeth (Alter Der Ruine Remix)

To Mega Therion - The Sermon Of Setekh (Pass The Collection Plate Mix by Alter Der Ruine)

Caustic - Spaff Injection (Alter Der Ruine Mix)

Helltrash - I Am The Enemy (Remix by Alter Der Ruine)

Inure - Sick (Alter Der Ruine Mix)

The Strand - You Make Me Crazy (RMX by Alter Der Ruine)

Caustic - Emmanuel Lewis Handjob (Alter Der Ruine Remix)